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        My name is Mark Wengryn, and I'm a silversmith / jewelry artist from Allentown PA. I've been making jewelry since 2006 and I've been self-employed since 2011, driven by a little faith, blind optimism and a passion for craftsmanship. I'm always striving to make something better than before.

      Most of my work tends to be abstract, often incorporating simplistic geometric edges or subtle curves. Even the techniques employed can guide the direction of an idea as it is formed, and designs that start as a simple sketch will often evolve throughout the process of creating the finished piece.  I tend to use stones minimally, letting the metal play a more prominent role in the design. In an age of rising costs, I also aim to create works that retain value beyond an initial aesthetic appeal. Silver remains my favorite due to its natural beauty and relative affordability compared to other precious metals. I strive to be precise and clean in my craftsmanship, and I often choose to leave my work with a brushed finish instead of a high polish.